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Save the area 5000 pounds, they use a combustible polyethylene insulation board, filled with the London fire this whole building
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2017/06/27 11:58
London fires affect the hearts of countless people ... ... With six children to escape, fled to the ground floor but found only four children's mother, Trapped on the 23rd floor and called my mother
London fires affect the hearts of countless people ... ...
With six children to escape, fled to the ground floor but found only four children's mother,
Trapped on the 23rd floor, before the fire was burned to my mother to call - "Thank you for everything for me." Graduates ...
In desperation forced to throw the child from the window desperate people ...
Is calling for help but jumped into the house by the fire swallowed the people, and countless silent death of the ghosts ...
The face of this scene, the British sit still,
Someone has to be responsible for this fire,
For those who are burned alive to be responsible!
These two days, the British media and the British community calls for the call has not stopped.

Metro reports to the ruins of the fire left behind
To help the victims and their families arrest the murderer and to sue the responsible party with manslaughter.
The title of the Daily Mail is, "How does the ordinary public's good humiliation of the politician?"
The newspaper also said that after the fire, the relevant departments of the evidence of dereliction of duty also emerged, it is shocking.
"Sprinkler system as long as 200,000 pounds (1.74 million yuan), why not installed?
Why the residents of the building were told to stay in the house waiting for the rescue? This causes many people to burn alive alive. "
Mirror Title: Crime!
"The more we know, the more scandal the tower fires are more shocking.
We need the answer, need to change! "
So, who is the culprit leading to the fire?
Who should stand up and apologize to countless injustice?
The public spearhead, aimed at so few parties ... ...
Everyone in the minds of the first reaction, this outsourcing, the building of the transformation itself, there is no problem? The
Last year, the British Leidon Group (Rydon Group) to undertake the renovation of the fire building.
They put a new central heating system to the building, but also lost a new window, back to the outer wall to add a thermal insulation layer.
However, in the choice of insulation outsourcing layer, a problem!
The outer layer is a three-tier sandwich structure, before and after the two layers of aluminum, the middle plus a layer of insulation layer.
At that time, their suppliers have three kinds of outsourcing board to choose from, two of which fire, but the price is slightly expensive.
But they choose, but it is the cheapest ...
This kind of intermediate insulation layer, with the use of polyethylene, can be considered a kind of plastic ....
This polyethylene insulation layer, even if added a flame retardant, can only be just to meet some of the fire requirements only ...
Not fire
British Sky TV two days specifically to find experts, to engage in a building with the same material used in the aluminum clip polyethylene insulation board made an experiment ...
They took a sample and placed it on a heating furnace at 700 degrees Celsius.
They said it was a relatively conservative temperature, because in this fire, the fire temperature of more than 1000 degrees .....
After 2 minutes at 700 degrees, the whole board starts to smoke ...
亚洲品质线路论坛亚洲品质线路论坛,主人请打贱奴奶光主人请打贱奴奶光,真人演示b罩杯有多大真人演示b罩杯有多大 The inner core begins to melt and burst.
Soon, the whole core about burning up ... ...
The supplier's staff told the Times reporter,
This kind of aluminum sandwiched in the middle, because it is easy to smoke, in the United States has long been banned for 40 feet (12.19 meters) above the height of the building. Can only be used for some small commercial buildings and gas stations, high-rise buildings are not allowed to use this material.
In Germany, this polyethylene foil outer cladding is divided into "combustible" classifications ... with unprotected cover of 12mm thick wood for a unified category ....
In China, the combustion performance of polyethylene is B2, belonging to the combustible level ... in China in 2011 the new regulations, the civil building exterior insulation materials must use A or B1 level. This B2 grade polyethylene can not be used.
In the United Kingdom, this aluminum plate in the use of high - rise buildings, in line with building safety requirements;
The supplier also told reporters ...
This polyethylene insulation board costs £ 22 per square meter (RMB 191). The price of the fireproof outer cladding made by the same company using more refractory materials is £ 24 per square meter.
2 pounds gap, they eventually chose the middle of the aluminum plate sandwiched.
The media said,
Even with the more expensive fireproof material aluminum, the whole building will only spend 5,000 pounds (43,500 yuan).
That is, this area 5000 pounds, reducing the cost of the contractor .. so that they use this is almost just in line with the British minimum fire building specifications of the material .....
Liberal Democratic Party member Tom Brake painfully said,
"The whole building only needs to spend less than £ 5,000, and these tragic death may have been avoided, and it is unbelievable to say it.
Camden, north of London, has four tall buildings on the 23rd floor, using a similar aluminum plate when refurbished.
At present, these places have posted a notice to tell residents about the matter.
On the other hand, the media also found that although the contractor for the entire project was the Leiden Group. Leiden Group has outsourced the entire outsourcing project to another company, Harley Facades. They also uncovered the company's boss Ray Bailey.
He used this kind of fireproof aluminum plate to do the outer layer of the project, earn pours.
They live in Sussex County, a million pounds (870 million yuan) in the mansion, the door parked Porsche and Land Rover and other luxury cars.
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